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Before launching traffic: tips from Zeydoo

The affiliate marketing niche is getting bigger every year, but the questions all remain the same. This is why we at Zeydoo decided to create a comprehensive guide where we’ll discuss the most basic and not so obvious tips on how to launch ad campaigns with any offer and GEO. 

Tips on working with traffic: the basics 

While working with traffic make sure to implement the following points: 

  • check the postback – if it’s not set up properly, you won’t get your statistics in the tracker and you’ll be working blindly. If you can’t set it up yourself, ask a manager for help; 
  • pass over traffic source in the postback while driving traffic from ad networks – it’s crucial because our managers can give you more detailed feedback on the quality of your traffic. This way you’ll compile your white- and blacklists faster and will lower your expenses on ineffective sources; 
  • start testing new sources with a small daily spending and set limits for the campaign – this way you can test the quality of traffic and avoid wasting money. If you’ve worked with Zeydoo, just create a new flow for the source so that we can optimize the funnel for your traffic from this source; 
  • check the bid in the ad network – always set competitive bids, not the lowest possible so that you’ll be able to buy good quality traffic and avoid questions from the advertiser. Also make sure to check your zeroes, it’s very easy to make a mistake and have your budget go down the drain;
  • ask your manager for TOP GEOs – remember that your affiliate manager is on your side and is interested in getting more traffic from you. The Zeydoo support will always tell you where to direct your traffic and how to set up targeting to reach the right audience; 
  • launch the campaign worldwide and with narrow targeting – but it doesn’t mean that WW campaign will bring conversions at a lesser cost. By setting an average rate for worldwide campaigns you can get less traffic (or traffic from lower quality sources). Just test different approaches; 
  • carry out A/B tests – test everything: pre-landers, landing pages, colors of buttons on the website, creatives, texts etc. Find the bundle that’s working for your and scale it; 
  • follow the terms that are set in the offers’ cards – if you break the rules, your traffic can get rejected and might not be paid for. Always exclude devices, proxies, GEOs and other targeting options that are prohibited by the advertiser; 
  • ask for feedback – our team is always ready to give you feedback on your traffic and help you optimize the funnels for it. We’re open to introducing higher rates and extended caps – just ask your manager. 

Also don’t hesitate to use the tools from ad networks that can make your life easier. For example, use automated rules if you don’t want to monitor your campaigns 24/7 and have other tasks to do. And algorithms will do all the work: turn the campaigns on and off, lower or increase budgets based on the parameters you set. 

Tips on working with Smart Surveys 

Smart Surveys  are exclusive offers from Zeydoo with the simplest flow you can ever have. Partners get paid for every user who completes several questions in the survey and … well, that’s actually it. These surveys are Finance, Dating, Sweepstakes, Betting. 

Yes, the payout is not very high in Smart Surveys. But with this easy flow and the fact that all the offers are completely ‘white’ you’ll be able to lower your expenses in accounts and decrease time on launching ad campaigns. The offers are very stable and haven’t had any errors or stops for more than 3 years. You just need to find a bundle, scale it and start earning. What’s more the Zeydoo team is constantly working on updating and optimizing the funnels, introducing new designs etc. All of this allows us to guarantee high CR and earn more.  

We also want to share some specific tips on working with Smart Surveys. This is what our partner told us about working with them: 

“I am buying pop traffic (not saying traffic sources since this is an official Zeydoo channel) and using a push collection prelander from Evadav to filter the traffic that click through to offer. This is similar to Survey exit traffic from Propellerads and as a result quality of traffic improves as you will be able to target and whitelist those publishers that offer you high CTR rate to offer.

This is a number game. So the more click through that you have on your prelander, the higher potential of conversions you will get for a smart survey offer.

Pop traffic is preferred for smart surveys due to the low payout. And you can easily get into profit position if you are able to collect a whitelist of publishers that offer high CTR.

Smart surveys are good for newbies who are looking for cashflow but have a very limited budget on hand to test offers. Payout is VERY LOW. But the offer converts as long as you can get an active audience (click through from prelander). ROI between 30% – 100% is still possible for this specific offer.

I believe the advertiser in this case would be Propellerads for smart surveys. And they are making very good profit reselling the exit traffic to advertisers. With such high profit margin, I think this smart survey offer will stay for years to come. And It is definitely worthwhile to spend time creating a bunch of campaigns that generate a consistent profit from this offer.”

We have already published statistics on Smart Surveys. Spoiler: our partners drive more than $400,000 per week to Smart Surveys. Do they convert? Check it out yourself 🙂 By the way, with the promo code BESMART33 you can get +33$ to your first payment for Smart Surveys. Sign Up and message your manager. Also don’t forget to join our Telegram chat Zeydoo to never miss an update.

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