LinkedIn Lead Generation

by Olya Mikheeva
Linkedin Lead Generation

Lead generation is key for any organization looking to boost revenue. There are lots of ways to do it, but having clear processes is a must. And, LinkedIn naturally comes as a solid choice to catch those leads.

So today, we’ll get to know LinkedIn from a totally new perspective. We’ll discuss what LinkedIn lead generation is all about and how you can benefit from it. Let’s get down to business. 

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What Does LinkedIn Lead Generation Stand For?

LinkedIn lead generation is a big deal for businesses, especially in the B2B world. According to recent reports, 84% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation, and it’s super effective. More than twice as effective as other social media platforms.

So, what exactly is lead generation? 

It’s all about finding and nurturing potential customers. Businesses use different tactics to do this, and LinkedIn is only one of them.

In B2B, lead generation is even more targeted. Selling software to manage content? You’re not just looking for anyone – you’re targeting specific businesses that need what you offer.

With so much competition out there, generating quality leads is a big challenge. But those who do it well gain a big edge over the competition. 

And LinkedIn? It comes naturally into the picture here. 

What Are Leads So Important? 

Leads are like the fuel for your business. They keep your sales pipeline flowing and your business growing. 

But here’s the catch. 

Not all leads turn into paying customers. If too few leads are converting, it can be tough to see a positive return on your investment.

That’s why it’s crucial to strike a balance between quantity and quality when it comes to lead generation. Sure, more leads might sound great, but if only a tiny fraction actually become customers, it’s time to rethink your approach. 

It’s much smarter to focus on developing a smaller number of leads that are more likely to convert than to chase after a bunch of leads with a low chance of success.

How LinkedIn Lead Generation Works?

Lead generation through LinkedIn works on the premise that you can show potential clients that you understand their needs and have a solution. LinkedIn lead generation shines for B2B companies, sales pros, recruiters, marketing agencies, and consultants.

For B2B companies, LinkedIn offers a network of professionals and decision-makers across industries. On the other hand, sales professionals leverage LinkedIn’s search and outreach tools to target prospects, build relationships, and close deals.

Recruiters use LinkedIn to scout potential candidates by filtering through professional backgrounds and relevant skill sets. Marketing agencies showcase expertise through content marketing, network with peers, and identify potential clients.

Lastly, consultants establish thought leadership, connect with businesses, and generate leads for their services.

And, that’s how they all use LinkedIn to get leads. But, even if it sounds easy, it still requires strategies and practice. 

LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Strategies

LinkedIn is where the pros hang out. Think professional decision-makers with the power to make purchases. That means you’re talking directly to the folks who can turn into paying customers. 

Now, let’s get into how to generate leads on LinkedIn, you’ll see, it’s pretty easy. 

Boost Your Executives’ LinkedIn Presence

Your company’s LinkedIn Page is important, but don’t forget about your executives’ profiles. Encourage them to create strong personal profiles with professional photos and detailed job experiences. 

They should also post regularly about their time working in the company and something that would attract people to your product. 

Create a Powerful LinkedIn Page

Use LinkedIn Pages to showcase your brand’s thought leadership content, such as videos and commentary from executives. Keep your page active with engaging content to attract potential leads.

This part is not the most important one for getting leads, but it is surely important when someone checks you out. Imagine if your page is looking like a bunch of stuff on a pile – definitely gives a bad vibe. 

Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

These forms are designed to make it super simple for users to share their information when they’re interested in what you’re offering.

Here’s how it works: 

Lead Gen Forms automatically fills in customizable forms with details from the user’s LinkedIn profile. So, when someone sees your ad, they’ll find their name, contact info, company name, job title, and more already filled in. 

All they have to do is hit the button to submit. They get what they’re interested in, and you get valuable professional data to create your campaigns. Easy, right?

Post Relevant Content and Engage with Your Audience

Share high-quality content that’s especially important to your target audience’s interests. Join conversations respond to comments and simply get involved. That’s how people get noticed, and getting noticed is what matters here. 

It’s wise to use AI tools to generate this kind of content. But remember to always give the content you post your own personal touch because this plays a crucial part when it comes to learning how to generate leads on LinkedIn.

Join LinkedIn Groups

It’s all about engaging and getting in groups that are focusing on the interests of your potential leads. Join industry-relevant LinkedIn groups to get down with other professionals and learn more about your audience. 

One good example is to create polls and other interesting stuff in these groups. Simply create an engaging question and let people answer. You can also use groups to share content and discuss relevant topics.

Use LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Content

Consider using LinkedIn advertising and sponsored content to reach your target audience. Experiment with different ad formats and targeting options to identify what works best for your audience.

Leverage Connections with Current Customers

Connect with current customers on LinkedIn and ask for referrals and references. This is a great way to back up your product and get some street-cred. Warm outreach is the best way to connect with new leads based on shared connections.

What Not to Do – Possible Mistakes in LinkedIn Lead Generation

As Liz Lange, a fashion designer, would say “Every brand isn’t for everybody, and everybody isn’t for every brand.” From this, we can see that making mistakes is simply a part of LinkedIn lead generation strategy. 

So, let’s see more about that: 

  • Not considering everything for the buyer: People visiting your site are at different stages of buying. Tailor your content to where they are in the process to move them closer to buying.
  • Not excluding certain audiences: Make sure your ads are reaching the right people. Exclude audiences that aren’t a good fit for your campaign to avoid wasting money and annoying potential customers.
  • Neglecting your audience’s needs: Don’t focus only on your selling points. Understand what your audience needs and show them how you can help.


And that’s a wrap. We went through everything essential to learn how to get those leads on LinkedIn. So, it’s up to you now. 

Either you’ll do everything the old fashion way and expect some silly results, or you can step up your game and start catching leads on LinkedIn. From wat we’ve seen, LinkedIn is definitely a place where decision-makers hang around. Learn how to catch them.

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