[Case Study] Credit cards with online approval in Argentina

People from all around the world are staying at home and the vast majority of them are temporarily unemployed.

The statistics show that up 95% of all activities and interactions are now done online. Here’s a good example: online applications for credit cards, which are becoming increasingly popular in LATAM.

That’s why today we are sharing a new case study on  Tarjeta Galicia Bank credit card offer.

What’s important for us is the simple SOI – one-page conversion flow without any additional confirmations. That means we don’t have to wait for weeks for the bank to finally check the quality of the lead, deliver the card, and approve the conversion. We will receive the payment right after a user completes the registration form.

To test it out, we launched 2 campaigns on push notifications and popunders targeted on mobile traffic from Argentina.

No pre-landing pages were used.

Statistics from the personal panel

And here are the results of the four-day test:

— Spent: $395.99

— Revenue: $630.4

— Profit: $234.41 (59%)

An interesting observation is that we made a mistake in the image for push notifications in the first campaign. Instead of the word “Aprobado” we used a misspelled “Aprovado”. We quickly noticed the mistake but instead of just correcting it we decided to change the angle a bit, making it a bit more aggressive.

The first creative. Text says, “100% Online Approval. Get A Credit Card Within 5 Minutes”
The new angle. “#ISTAYATHOME With Galicia! Your new card with a limit of 100 m ARS”

That’s how the changes we made affected the results:

Conversion rate increased 5 times

The results were quite good from the very beginning, there’s plenty of room to optimize current campaigns and scale them with new traffic sources. It’s recommended to run this offer on mobile traffic.

For those of you willing to run on BR traffic, there are two similar offers in Zeydoo: Santander credit card ID: 361 and Santander Abertura: 457

Choose the offer you like and start earning!

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