[Case Study] Finance Survey #2025

Hi guys!

Today I wanna share with you the laziest case an affiliate could come up with an exclusive finance survey from the Zeydoo affiliate network.

Affiliate Network: Zeydoo

Traffic source: Push.House

Ad Format: Push notifications

Campaign period: 01.01.2021 – 17.02.2021

Offer: 2025 Fin Survey

GEO: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

Profit: $287

ROI: 37%

According to the Zeydoo manager, for these kinds of offers,  it’s crucial to find a good GEO, creative, and traffic source! And he was totally right.

Small payouts in these GEOs, but for such a  simple flow, they’re actually good, because serious volumes will show better results. The main idea of the offer is that a user completes a survey and he’s redirected to the “Thank you” page.


During the week I was driving traffic to 10 different countries, trying 25 creatives to define the right GEO. Eventually, I chose 3 African countries and creatives that gave the best results. I decided to move forward with them.


Nigeria – $0.052

Kenya – $0.086

South Africa – $0.160

I ran the offer without a pre-lander, but with a solid pre-lander, you can really improve your stats.

Landing pages:

To set up a Push campaign, I chose an OS + versions (according to offer requirements at that moment): Android OS 8-9-10-11. Now the offer has 4-5-6-7 OS as well.


ОS: Android

OS Version: 8-9-10

Browser: Chrome

Language: All

City: All

Operator: All

After defining GEOs, I decided to keep only big cities and the English language. I set a budget for each campaign and left it as it was.

Every 3-4 days I added blacklists and changed creatives weekly. Better to do it more often to double your ROI.

It lasted six weeks.

Everything was simple: to monitor the budget and drive additional traffic in time. If the results were getting worse, I was changing creatives, replicating the campaign, and launching again, nothing extra.

I could also divide by unique users, but laziness won, and I sent several thousand clicks to those users that had already been converted or potentially had seen my ads before… anyway that’s another story!

Wish everyone profitable campaigns!

?Do you want more profitable offers??

TG: @GlebKasmin
SK: Gleb Kasmin || ZeyDoo
E: kasmin.g@zeydoo.com

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