Smart Surveys with Traffic from Push.House: case study

Case Study: Push.House + Social Network Survey for India and Indonesia = ROI 72%

Seeking a fresh working bundle with Popunder traffic?

This case study is for you: today, we will share how our partner ran a Zeydoo Social Survey offer at the Push.House ad network.  This is a fair review of the media buyer’s results with all the details in GEOs, campaign settings, and targeting, so in fact, you get a ready-tested bundle!


CPA Network and Traffic Sources

Before we dive into the case study, a couple of words from our partner about how he picked a traffic source and a CPA network. Here is what he said:

‘I purchased traffic through a push ad network Push.House. I’ve worked with them for quite a while, so I know they always deliver high-quality traffic at some of the most competitive rates on the market.

Speaking about the offer, I found it at Zeydoo – a multi-vertical CPA network. We’ve been partnering for several years, too, and I haven’t ever faced any issues with their performance or payouts. They have a wide choice of offers, but my favorite ones are those in the Social vertical. So, in this case study, I will share how I promoted Zeydoo’s Social Network Survey’.


About the Campaign: Format, Targeting, Settings

  • Offer: Social Network Survey
  • Network: Zeydoo 
  • Traffic Source: Push.House
  • Ad Format: OnClick
  • GEO: India and Indonesia
  • ROI: Indonesia — 72,28%; India — 31,32% and 32,41% 

Several comments on the campaign settings from the partner:

  • Offer: Zeydoo’s Social Network Survey is an in-house offer with a very simple flow: a user must answer a couple of questions at the offer’s landing page (provided by Zeydoo), and you hit a conversion immediately after. There are two landing pages you can choose from. The best feature is that the offer works upon the hybrid capping model, which means you are paid by CPA before you reach a certain cap and then switch to RevShare.

Note from Zeydoo: There is a big pool of in-house survey offers available worldwide, and we are working at this very profitable hybrid model. Here are some more you are welcome to test with Push.House traffic or other sources:

Zeydoo Smart Surveys pool


  • GEOs: My previous experience with Push.House showed that traffic from Asian countries stands out from the rest. That’s why I picked ID and IN.
  • Format: Push.House has added OnClick just recently, and my personal manager immediately informed me about that. So, I decided to test it right away!
  • Price per click: I set it according to my manager’s suggestion. When I launched my campaigns, the recommended rate for IN and ID varied from $0.0002 to $0.00025, so I decided to pick the minimum amount.  
  • Settings: I set 2 campaigns for IN and 1 for ID, all with the same settings. Here is how I did it:


Push.House campaign settings for Social Network Survey


  • Targeting: I targeted only mobile devices, mainly the latest Android OS, and excluded the earlier versions (Android 4-8). As the offer accepts only Chrome traffic, I didn’t add any other browsers.
  • Capping: Push.House has recently introduced capping settings, so I decided to set the clicks frequency to 1 time in 24 hours. This allows me to save the budget and avoid annoying a user with too much of pop up ads.


Push.House frequency capping settings


  • Campaign Schedule: My previous experience proved that Indian and Indonesian traffic converts nicely no matter if it is day or night. So, I didn’t change anything here.
  • Automatic Rules: Thanks to this Push.House feature, I saved a part of my advertising budget and much time on manual control. Within this campaign, I used automatic rules to control ROI and set them like this:

If a ROI from a particular platform went lower than 10% within 24 hours, this platform was automatically blacklisted.

Push.House auto-rules settings



Campaign Flow and Results

Most Zeydoo offers have several landing page options. As we already mentioned, the Social Network Offer has two of them  –– one with a map:

Social Network Survey landing page - option 1

And another one in a cartoon style:

Social Network Survey landing page - option 2


In this case, a split test showed that the first option performed better, so our partner continued with it.

As the result, the statistics showed the following figures – here are the screenshots from Push.House and the tracker.

Social Network Survey case study results for Indonesia

ID campaign

Two IN campaigns

Social Network Survey case study results from Push.House tracker

Push.House account stats for all the three campaigns

Note: ROI and clicks differ because the partner’s tracker counts traffic losses – they make approximately 15%-20%. You can see the final ROIs in the last screenshot:

Indonesia — ≈ 72%
India 1 — ≈ 31%
India 2 — ≈ 32%


To Sum Up

You can try to use the same bundle, too: the offer is available at Zeydoo, and keeps showing perfect results with various traffic sources, including Push, Popunder, and Facebook ads.

And, to test this exact Asian bundle with Popunder, you are welcome to join Push.House – a great provider of high-quality traffic that perfectly matches with Zeydoo Surveys.


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