Huge upgrade of offer 7279 | Scanero Android Prelander APK

Our team is constantly working on improving our in-house products so that you can get the best rates! And now we’re ready to share our new (meaning – updated) offer Scanero with rate bumps from 15% to 120% for CPI depending on the GEO.

What is Scanero?

7279 | Scanero Android Prelander APK

Scanero — is the fastest QR-code scanner that helps people read and scan documents, business cards, discount and loyalty cards in just one app.

What did we change?

  • added new landing pages
  • improved tracking of the event inside the app
  • found new advertisers for monetization inside the app
  • created new places for advertisements in the app
  • expanded GEOs

How much did the rates change for each GEO?


  • IR. $0.019 → $0.022
  • MW. $0.5 → $0.6
  • IN. $0.04 → $0.075
  • NG $0.45 → $0.52
  • CM $0.11 → $0.166
  • MA $0.02 → $0.044
  • ZA $0.218 → $0.31
  • BF $1.4 → $2
  • ZM $0.4 → $0.507

👇See the stats (before the bump)

TOP GEOs for the offer:

  • NZ – $2.00
  • AU – $1.60
  • BF – $1.60
  • CH – $1.20
  • CA – $1.12
  • GN – $0.92

👇See the stats

Newly added GEOs:

  • AT – $0.051
  • BO – $0.03
  • IQ – $0.03
  • KW – $0.1
  • LB – $0.1
  • OM – $0.092
  • PS – $0.08
  • TR – $0.05

Our media buying worked with a similar offer in these GEOs and CR turned out to be pretty good. That’s why we made these GEOs available for 7279 | Scanero Android Prelander APK. With the right approach these GEOs convert well on CPI.

👇See the stats

Right now the landing page is available for US, NZ, CA, AU, NG, AZ, DE, IR, ML, CL.

A quick reminder:

  • Right now the offer works mostly with pop-under traffic
  • There is a test cap for $200

Good luck!

For questions:
Telegram  |   Skype

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