Mobile Content Offers – Top List

Hey friends!

Today we have prepared the list of offers from Mobile Content, which now are on top.

IDНазвание оффераСтранаОписание
6097MY-Maxis-PrizeMYFlow: Click to sms
Carrier: Maxis
💸 1,2$
📈 convert pop with prelanders; average CR – 0,45%
5106KE – Download content — Safaricom KEFlow: Pin Submit
Carrier: Safaricom
💸 0,32$
📈 convert ppop, push, banner, display; average CR –1,2%
5063TH – Now Service DTAC THFlow: 2 click
Carrier: DTAC
💸 0,76$
📈 convert pop, push, banner; average CR –0,2%
4220KW – Advanced Download Manager(SP) KWFlow: Pin submit
Carrier: Ooredoo & Zain
💸 4,8$
📈 average CR – 0.89% on pops, Zain converts best, it is recommended to use prelends that describe what content the user will receive
2171BH – Unlock Content (SP) BHFlow: Pin submit
Carrier: Batelco, Zain, STC (Formerly Viva)
💸 5,2$
✅ Все провайдеры + wifi
📈 converts best pop, push with prelanders, banner, display; average CR –1,04%
1070CaptchaWWFlow: Click to sms
✅ all carriers+wifi
💸 0,4$
📈 pop, push, banner, display, incent; average CR – 2,9%
All kinds of traffic are allowed!

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