[PROMO] Smart Spring: +15% on Your Smartlink Profits for a Limited Time

Zeydoo unveils a new lucrative promo to make you feel the “awakening of profit.” Yes, Smart Spring is here! 

Get a whopping +15% on your Smartlink profits. Curious how? Keep reading to find out!

More about Smartlink and why it’s so profitable here

The “Why” Part

Have you heard? Zeydoo was recognized as the “Best Smartlink Affiliate Program” at the Affiliate World Forum Awards

To share our excitement, we have decided to launch a promo that will let you upgrade your profits and get this spring started on the right foot. Because we can!


Zeydoo awards and our fabulous girls

Our fabulous girls with a well-deserved award

The “How” Part

We hate complicated rules, so this promo will be as easy and straightforward as pie: the more you earn with Zeydoo Smartlink, the more bonuses you get!


  • Who can participate in the promo?

Current and new partners can participate (in other words, you only have to be registered).


  • How long does the promo last?

The promo period is from March 15, 2024, to April 15, 2024.  


  • What are the prizes?

The prizes in the promo are bonuses. You’ll receive them in the form of coupons. We will credit the amount to your account as soon as you meet the requirements.


Note that bonuses are paid to partners whose traffic passes quality checks.

  • What are the conditions?


Smartlink profit level in March 2024How it works
$250+If you have already earned $250 with Smartlink in March 2024, we will reward you with a 15% increase in your profits to further increase during the promo period.
Less than $250If you have already earned money from Smartlink in March, but your profit at the start of the promotion is less than $250, we will give you +$50 when you reach the $250 profit bar before the end of the promotion.
$0If you haven’t worked with Smartlink yet, either in March 2024 or at all, you can count on a +15% bonus on your profits if you reach the level of more than $100 total profit on Smartlink (from 0 profit).


As you can see, the rules are very simple and the requirements extremely easy. Now, let’s move on to the best part: bonuses.

Getting your bonuses


To claim your bonus, simply text “Smart Spring” to your personal manager or our support team and increase your Smartlink earnings. Nothing too complicated, is it?

Ready to grab your bonuses? Start your Zeydoo Smartlink campaign right now and enjoy the sunny spring days with even more profit in your pocket.

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