20% to the first payout

Work with Zeydoo and get +20% to the payout or +$2,100

Hi there, it’s Zeydoo! We’re closing in to the end of 2022 and are working on giving more bonuses to our dear affiliates. This time we have two bonus offers – for those who drive traffic 24/7 and for those who have thought of testing our offers but never got around to it 🥴

Spoiler alert: you can test more offers and scale current campaigns!

🎁 Bonus #1: Sweet Restart 🎁

If you haven’t worked with us for a while – it’s time to come back. Apart from our top offers in Smart-surveys, Sweepstakes, Dating, Leadgen, Mobile Apps&Utilities, we give you a bump of +20% to your first payout.

To get the bonus you need to:
🔹 Write to your manager and say you’re willing to try;
🔹 Launch traffic with profit;
🔹 Remember to add a wallet in your account;
🔹 And that’s it.
We’ll add +20% to your account that you will get with your first withdrawal.


🎁 Bonus #2: Scaling Reward 🎁

If you’ve been with us for a while, we’re ready not just to help you with technical issues, but with scaling with money!

To get the bonus you need to:
🔹Write to your manager that you’re in
🔹Earn $5,000+ and get +$300!
🔹Earn $10,000+ and get +$700!

🔥 If you can have these volumes each month – this wil be your bonus in October, November and December. There are also hybrid deals available.

So, till the end of year you’re able to earn either $900 or $2,100. The reward will be paid at the end of month. If your revenue is over $10,000, our manager can give you a personal Reward 💸.

And to end this year on a good tone, at the end of December we’ll give away iPhone 14, Playstation 5, AirPods3 to those partners who bring the most traffic!


* The deal is available till the end of 2022


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