Zeydoo and Tacoloco case study


Cryptomania + Tacoloco traffic: Ready Bundle with Push That Brought 27% ROI

Is Push still a powerful format? Today, the Zeydoo media buying team will prove it is – and show you a working bundle that requires minimum effort.  

Our case study today is about a trading simulator offer, TacoLoco push ad network, and insights on how to make them bring huge profits.

About the Offer

Basically, Zeydoo has two Cryptomania offers. In this case study, we will tell you about this one:

  • Offer: 11570 | Crypto Simulator Android 
  • Flow: CPI
  • What’s special about this offer? We pay out only after a lead installs an app and opens it. However, before the main flow, we added our prelander that collects push subscribers. The offer has a prelander provided by Zeydoo. The extra monetization on this prelander makes the CPA rates higher than the direct advertiser initially offers.

What about the second offer?

Which one to choose, then?

We are sure you should test both, and you’ll most likely get great results. If you are struggling a bit with the first offer, you can try out the second one, which has lower payouts but higher CRs. This might help you with your buying in a traffic source if you run performance-based campaigns, which distribute traffic based on CR.

Now, let’s get back to our campaign.

About TacoLoco

The TacoLoco advertising network offers traffic from over 200 countries with optimal rates starting at $0.001 per click. This platform has exclusive, proven sources, more than 1 billion impressions daily, fast campaign approvals, responsive support, and consistently high conversions. In addition to push notifications, In-page, Popunder, Direct Clicks, and banner traffic are always available.

Campaign Flow

Here are the campaign’s overall details:

Offer: 11570 | Crypto Simulator Android 
Flow: CPI
Dates of the campaign: 02/11/2023 – 11/12/2023
Traffic Source: TacoLoco
Ad Formats: Push (CPC)
OS:  Android, 5.0 and higher
Spend: $3809
Revenue: $4850
Profit: $1041
ROI: 27.33%

Our media buying team decided to stick to pretty traditional and proven financial creatives. The overall sales funnel for the offer looks the following:

Step 1. A user sees a push notification with money images and a CTA to use a free trading simulator. Here is one of the creatives we used:

Creatives for Cryptomania offer in Tacoloco

Note: mind the network’s terms regarding creatives. This example complies with TacoLoco rules, but the other traffic sources might have different policies.

Step 2. A push notification redirects a user to a pre-landing page with the simplest flow ever: just a single action is required. You will find this and similar pre-landers on the Cryptomania offer page at Zeydoo:

Step 3. After clicking ‘Yes’ on the pre-lander, a user is taken to a Sweepstakes landing page that promises some prizes or money. Here is an example:

Step 4. The landing page redirects a user to Cryptomania’s page in Google Play – and the conversion is hit when they click Install.

That’s it about the flow – and how to set a campaign to make it work?

Campaign Settings

If you check the offer’s page, you’ll see it accepts traffic from multiple GEOs worldwide, with payouts from $0,040 to $0,084. So, our media buyer decided to test 15 GEOs first –– the ones that proved to bring results with the previous similar campaigns.

GEOs selected by our media buyer from his previous experience:

Cryptomania Tests: Iteration 1

For each GEO, we created a separate campaign with localized creatives and targeted devices working on Android 5 and newer versions. At first, our media buyer set a minimum CPM to check if the offer converts with TacoLoco traffic at all. Each campaign had a $20 daily spend limit and a 1 time/36 hours cap for every user.

The rest of the settings did not include anything specific; here is a campaign example for Ecuador:

Optimization and Scaling

The first tests showed that an offer had potential, so it was time for scaling. Here is what our media buyer did:

  1. Raised the CPM rates for the active campaigns. If the campaign performed well, we increased the bid by 15%-20%.
  2. Duplicated the existing campaigns. When the traffic volumes dropped or a particular campaign required scaling, we made a campaign relaunch.
  3. Tested new GEOs based on the previously collected data:
Cryptomania Tests: Iteration 1Cryptomania Tests: Iteration 2Cryptomania Tests: Iteration 3

Here are the results with the top profitable GEOs: PH, MX, PK, AR, BR:

Cryptomania and Tacoloco traffic case study: top GEOs

Meanwhile, NP, MY, ID, and ZA showed the worst performance, so we decided to give them another chance later by testing other landing pages and creatives.

Campaign Results

9-day testing and scaling brought a promising result of $1041 as the net income – and proved that Tacoloco traffic makes a great bundle with Cryptomania. This project is still live, so we keep optimizing, testing new GEOs, and scaling the top-performing campaigns.

Here are the statistics so far:

Cryptomania and Tacoloco traffic case study: final stats

The best thing about this case study: the bundles we offer are still active! But if you want to find your own ones, TacoLoco has an extensive range of GEOs and several ad formats, which also show great results on Zeydoo offers.

So, to try out the bundles and discover the new ones, just do the following:

  • Register with TacoLoco and receive a special bonus using the promo code ZEYDOO24: $20 credited to your first deposit!

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