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Survey Frenzy: Zeydoo Surveys + Adoperator Ready Bundles [Case Study]

We keep sharing the secrets of Smart Surveys and show you their potential. Today, we will do this with the help of our friend – ad network Adoperator and its Popunder traffic. 


About Adoperator as a Traffic Source

Adoperator is an ad network that features:

• High-quality, carefully filtered traffic

• Three performing advertising formats (Web Push, In-Page Push, Popunder)

• Engaged audiences from more than 200 countries

• Intuitive interface

• Lightning-fast campaigns approval

• Precise targeting: right sources for each vertical, OS, browsers, GEOs, white- and blacklists, and more

• Easy integration with leading trackers (Voluum, Binom, Adsbridge, Keitaro, etc.)

Use the ZEYDOO50 promo code for your Adoperator account and get an extra $50 to your deposit from $350!


About the Case Study: Offers, Budget, Creatives

Today’s case includes a whopping three Survey offers from Zeydoo. 

Quick side note about Smart Surveys: These are in-house offers available worldwide. They require minimum budgets to test, accept most traffic sources, and work on a very profitable Hybrid model. 


2755 | Sweep Survey, 9540 | Finance survey, 2025 | Finance Survey.  

Traffic source: Adoperator SSP

Period: 01/02/2024-29/02/2024

Total/Daily budget: $3,000/$20

Bid (Cost Per View): $0,0002

Format:  Popunder

Bidding: СPM


Spend: $824.65

Revenue: $1602.50

Profit: $777.85

ROI: 94%

Another great thing about Smart Surveys is that they have ready landing pages – tested and proven by Zeydoo traffic specialists. Many offers include two or more pages to choose from, and here is what our media buyer picked this time:

Two landing pages from the Finance Survey offers:

zeydoo finance survey lp

zeydoo landing page

A Sweeps landing page:

sweeps landing page

The pages are available in most languages, so you don’t need to spend time localizing them for your chosen GEOs. 

Quick note: you might want to add a pre-lander or an additional landing page to your flow. You have the full right to do so – and the chance to do it quickly and easily. Exclusively for Zeydoo partners, Adoperator has a smart AI landing page generator based on the two most powerful AI platforms.To get access, ask your Adoperator manager.


Campaign Settings

Thanks to the previous experience, our media buyer perfectly knows which GEOs convert best with Survey Offers. If you are new to the process, don’t worry: Adoperator’s managers are always willing to help you with the top-performing GEOs.

So, the media buyer set a minimum bid and began testing with the following Ad operator targeting settings:

zeydoo campaign targeting

zeydoo advanced targeting campaign

As you can see, most of the settings are standard: at this point, there was no need for any advanced targeting, but the media buyer excluded India from his GEOs:

In my experience, India has plenty of traffic that doesn’t convert consistently with Surveys, so its quality may suddenly drop. So, I decided to exclude IN from the main campaign and create a separate one. Otherwise, I risk spending 70% of my budget on India.


Campaign Flow and Optimization

After a testing period, our media buyer got an idea of the top-performing GEOs and sources. Here is what he did to optimize the campaign:

Created White- and Blacklists. All the sources with the highest profit were whitelisted, and the ones with a negative ROI went straight to the Blacklist.

Sorted the GEOs. The first results showed the best and worst-performing GEOs to include and exclude from the targeting. 

Here are the most profitable GEOs:

zeydoo profitable geos

And here are some that didn’t work out:

zeydoo failed geos

Note from a media buyer: You can try to run separate campaigns with Blacklisted GEOs. If this doesn’t improve the ROI, set these GEOs aside, but consider retesting: traffic can improve in a week or so.


Campaign Results and Summary

Here are the overall results of the three Survey offer campaigns:

zeydoo campaign results

The total profit of the three campaigns was $777.85 in less than a month.

A good result, but it doesn’t mean the journey is over.

Here is what our media buyer recommends doing next:

The next step is to collect the top zones that bring profit on several GEOs at once and run a Whitelisted campaign with an increased bid.

If you want to try out the same simple strategy – you are welcome to join Zeydoo for the Survey Offers and Adoperator for high-quality traffic for them.

Good luck!

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