Ready-Made Bundle: Zeydoo CPL and SOI Offers + Galaksion Popunder = $665 in a Month! [Case]

by Mariia Peretyatko

Searching and testing new bundles is an expensive and time-consuming process. But what if someone gave you a ready-made bundle, tested and efficient? And also recommended the best-performing GEOs? So you could just launch the right offer with a converting traffic source and see your statistics turning green like trees in spring?

Here you go.

Read the full case study – you will find a promo code to get a 15% bonus on your first top-up after you register! 


Sweet couple: CPL Surveys and SOI Sweepstakes + Galaksion

Our media buying team has conducted a series of tests that showed the effectiveness of this combination – CPL Surveys and SOI Sweepstakes from Zeydoo and Galaksion Popunder traffic. Here are the main reasons why our media buyers opted for Galaksion:

  • High-quality traffic directly from website owners, no resell or bots detected;
  • Efficient pricing models: CPA, CPM, CPC
  • Variety of ad formats: Push notifications, Interstitials, On-page notifications, Native Ads, Direct Link + more per request;
  • 245+ GEOs;
  • 10+ verticals, including the most popular ones, like Utilities, Sweepstakes, Finance, Social, eCommerce;
  • Advanced targeting options: by country/region/city, browser, OS, platform, Browser language, Frequency/Capping, Timezone;
  • A free base of tested creatives and opportunity to test up to 10 creatives per campaign;
  • Easy-to-use traffic estimator to find the most suitable rates;
  • Personal manager for any budget.

We cannot wait to present the details, so let’s move straight to the case: 


Traffic source:

Period: 10/02/2024 – 10/03/2024

Ad format: Popunder

Bidding model: CPM

Targeting: Mobile, Android (8 and higher); GEO – WW 

What about money?

Spend: $1618

Revenue: $2284

Profit: $665

ROI: 41%

As you can see, our team of media buyers discovered that their hypothesis about the profitability of Galaksion Popunder traffic combined with Zeydoo CPL Survey and Sweepstakes SOI Offers was true! Monthly lazy profit of $665 is worth it, right? 


Before we move further: difference between Rewardis and CPL Survey Offers

To make things clear, we would like to explain what is Rewardis and what are our Survey offers, since both are the heroes of today’s case study.  


Rewardis is more than just a collection of SOI Sweepstakes, but a whole reward platform. What does it mean?

In regular Sweepstakes, users are engaged into a specific contest, so their flow ends when they take part in the proposed activity. On the contrary, Rewardis encourages users to register and try other contests presented on the platform. 

After registration, users can complete more engaging tasks, participate in more contests, and obtain ranking among other visitors! Sounds like a real delight for Sweepstakes fans. 

Survey offers

Zeydoo Survey offers are CPL (cost-per-lead) offers where users are proposed to fill out a short and entertaining survey on various topics, like Finance, Social, iGaming, and Sweepstakes. 

These surveys usually contain just a couple of questions and don’t take too much time. What is more, since the themes are really engaging, users eagerly participate, which could bring you conversions fast and easy. 

Important update: Recently, we have replaced the Samsung A53 prize with the Samsung A55 on the Rewardis platform.

As such, if you are working with Rewardis and attracting users not to a specific offer, but to the Member Area, we recommend replacing your current Samsung A53 creatives with the Samsung A55 creatives.

And our team will present new relevant pre-landers with Samsung A55 soon.

Now let’s come back to our case study and see how it all worked, which success strategies were applied, and how you can repeat the same trick to make some money.


Landing pages and GEOs (Rewardis SOI Sweep offers)

So let’s take a look at the heart and soul of this campaign – landing pages. Creatives mean so much for successful advertising, because they are the language you speak with users, so make sure this language is clear and convincing! Like here:

SOI Sweep offers
Rewardis SOI Sweep offers - Exclusive Giveaway Invitation

What’s so great about this landing page is that it has elements that head users to conversion:

  • Value through urgency – old but gold timer is a way to motivate users to make a decision right here and right now. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with urgency not to make visitors feel uncomfortable.
  • Preciseness – date, country and number of winners chosen in a particular period – all of these are details that ensure reliability and relevance of the offer. 
  • Also, one of the landing pages presents easy engagement by asking about the user’s gender. The form is so simple and clickable, also adding more personalization to the flow!
  • Bright visuals – captivating yet simple illustrations that show available prizes is also a piece of cake for users, because visualized dreams are always more appealing than just words. 

Classics never die, so benefit from it. Seriously. 


What about campaign settings?

So, the main strategies of this campaign was…

Setting the minimum rate at the beginning and gradually increasing it. Also, blacklisting inefficient zones in the process, retrieving well-performing GEOs from those lists for better optimization.

Here are the targeting settings + the blacklist: 

Campaign - targeting settings + the blacklist

The GEOs along with the traffic prices at the campaign start looked this way:

GEOs along with the traffic prices at the campaign

Some of these GEOs were profitable, while others – not really. 

The blacklists were formed based on the ROI parameter. Non-profitable traffic sources with negative ROI that didn’t show any good results in any GEO were switched off as soon as detected. 

Below you will find the revenue of effective campaigns for these three offers: Captcha Survey, Rewardis Multigeo Samsung A53 Sweepstake, and Sweep Survey for Android. 

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot show the exact companies IDs. Please mind that the statistics below stand for the results of the following offers:

1 – Offer 3934;

2 – Offer 10118;

3 – Offer 2755.

zeydoo-galaksion stats by campaigns

And here comes the ROI of successful GEOs. All of these GEOs worked great for all three offers we discuss in this case study:

ROI of successful GEOs

Quick tip: We especially recommend NG and ZA for Rewardis offers. On the screenshot above we can see another confirmation that Sweepstakes bring significant results in African GEOs. Also, pay your attention to ID and BR for such offers.  

And here come those GEOs that didn’t succeed and had negative ROI:

GEOs that didn’t succeed and had negative ROI

Instead of a conclusion

So regarding all said and done, our media buying team has some final words for you:

  • • Launch GEOs with the best ROI increasing CPM gradually;
  • • Working with WW offers, make sure to form blacklists of non-profitable zones;
  • • If there are some profitable zones from the blacklists that work well in some GEOs, keep them. If not – form a global blacklist and increase CPM to grow volumes.   

You can use all of the recommendations and tips above for your ad campaigns. And, of course, don’t forget that Zeydoo Surveys + Rewardis and Galaksion traffic work reeeeeally good together! 

For our dearest readers, we provide a promo code as promised:


Use it for your first top-up after registration at Galaksion and get a 15% bonus! The promo code will be provided to new advertisers who invest $50 and more. The duration is unlimited. 

Try it! And, of course, don’t forget to register at Zeydoo

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