Finance Surveys: types of financial surveys and how to work with them 


Zeydoo provides a dozen of Finance offers in our Smart Surveys category, but you’re still not sure what the difference is? Then this article is for you – here we’ll look at all of them under a microscope so that you don’t have questions ever again.  

And this is our first article in the series of materials about Smart Surveys. We’ll tell you more about different types, their peculiarities and ways to make profit with them. This is what we’re doing in our blog at Zeydoo: read the materials, start traffic and earn even more with us! 

How are Finance Surveys different? 

Smart Surveys are in-house products by Zeydoo where the payout is made after a user completes a survey with the easiest questions possible.  

Finance Surveys are a financial subtype of such surveys. A user needs to answer 5-7 questions on average that are mostly related to their gender, age, income, desired income and knowledge about how you can earn on the financial market. 

Just 6 questions that will take less than 10 seconds to answer – and the affiliate gets paid. Yes, that easy! 

Exclusive financial surveys are perfect for Push and Popunder traffic and can also be used as traffic back. Since they mostly have a worldwide coverage you can use the offer to monetize mixed traffic and earn with traffic sources that usually don’t convert with Dating or Nutra. 

Since Smart Surveys are a Zeydoo product we can give feedback on traffic faster, customize the funnel for your traffic source so that you have a higher CR as well as give you individual rates depending on the quality of your traffic.  

If you want to learn more about how to earn with Finance Surveys, you can read one of our case studies.

So, how are Finance Surveys different from each other?

If you go to your personal Zeydoo account and type in Finance, you’ll see quite a few offers. So, what is the difference between them and how to choose the one for your traffic? 

Okay, let’s talk about these offers that look almost identical: 

The info here is relevant at the date of this article’s publication. Go to your manager if you need the up-to-date data. 

You can also talk to your manager if you have any questions regarding the choice of offers or how to work with Smart Surveys. 

What GEOs are best for Finance Surveys

If we talk about TOP GEOs to work with Smart Surveys, we need to stress that they’ll be different for each offer. Here is an example: 

You can always check out the up-to-date TOP GEOs in our Telegram channel or talk to your manager. 

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