You have done it 🥳

Hey friends, we are ready to release the Lucky Blue results and congratulate the winners.

The Lucky Blue took place from 01.03.2021 – 31.05.2021 and we promised to award the users who will increase the revenue. 

So we do it! 💪

We are happy to release IDs of the winners and thank all of you for your singleness of purpose. It motivates us to make more interesting promos and give you presents. 


🏆 6 users reached the +75k$ revenue and +35% growth


🏆 8 users reached the +35k$ revenue and +35% growth


🏆 4 users reached the +25k$ revenue and +40% growth


🏆 10 new users reached the +15k revenue


If you have any questions, please contact:


Mail: u.moreva@zeydoo.com

Skype: u.moreva@zeydoo.com 

Tg: @ulylyly

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