Your Guide to Zeydoo Offers: Surveys, Rewardis, Apps, Smartlink

by Mariia Peretyatko
Zeydoo Offers: Surveys, Rewardis, Apps, Smartlink

Struggling to find the right offers to boost your affiliate income? 

You’re not alone. 

It’s hard for most affiliate marketers to identify high-converting offers that match their traffic sources and strategies. 

Luckily, Zeydoo can help with that.

We want to present our four unique offer types to help you maximize your earnings: CPL Surveys, SOI Rewardis sweeps,  In-House CPI Apps, and Smartlink. Each one comes with its own benefits and features, designed to cater to different traffic types and marketing approaches.

So, how can these offers transform your traffic into revenue?

Let’s find out.


Survey offers are extremely popular among Zeydoo partners and are known for their simplicity and high conversion potential, making them another reliable income source.


Survey offers are straightforward: users answer a couple of simple questions, with the conversion counted at the final step. This simplicity makes them easy to implement and highly effective across various traffic sources. They can be used to monetize traffic directly or as an additional revenue stream for remnant traffic.

Key features

Here’s why survey offers stand out:

  • Simple user flow (CPL): Users are guided through a short survey with seven questions, ensuring high engagement and completion rates.
  • Universal compatibility: Suitable for all GEOs, devices, and browsers, making it a versatile option for any affiliate marketer.
  • Diverse topics: Surveys cover a range of topics including finance, social issues, iGaming, and sweepstakes, catering to different audience interests.


Survey offers have been a stable and reliable income source for over four years. Their continuous operation and consistent performance make them a dependable choice for affiliates looking to diversify their monetization strategies.

Best practices

To maximize the potential of survey offers, consider these tips:

  • Wide coverage: Launch surveys with worldwide coverage, Google, Samsung, and Facebook browsers for the best results.
  • Regular testing: Continuously test different survey topics and traffic sources to identify the most profitable combinations.

What about our famous Rewardis? Let’s move on.


These aren’t your most favorite sweepstakes –– they combine the simplicity of SOI (Single Opt-In) sweepstakes with the engagement of a reward platform, making them a goldmine for affiliates.


Rewardis offers are designed to engage users beyond the initial opt-in. Participants register to enter sweepstakes and can then complete additional tasks to qualify for more rewards. This extended engagement boosts conversion rates and keeps users active on the platform.

Key features

What makes Rewardis stand out? Here are the key features:

  • SOI sweepstakes: Users enter by completing a simple opt-in form, making it easy and quick to convert.
  • Reward platform: Beyond the initial entry, users can participate in various tasks and contests, increasing engagement.
  • High payouts: Rewardis offers come with high custom rates and no limitations on traffic volume.
  • Ready-made prelanders: Available in multiple languages, tailored for targeted GEOs.
  • VIP support: Custom acquisition funnels, personalized prelanders, and 24/7 support ensure smooth campaign management.

Ideal traffic types

Rewardis is versatile and works well with several traffic types:

  • Social PPC traffic: Especially effective with Facebook and TikTok campaigns.
  • Native ads
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • In-App traffic
  • Display traffic
  • Push notifications
  • Popunder

Now, let’s look into another straightforward yet effective option: In-House Apps.

In-house apps

In-house apps are another powerful tool in your marketing wheelhouse. These offers are designed to provide high conversion rates and flexible monetization options, particularly for push, in-app, and pop traffic.


Our in-house apps offers are tailored to maximize the efficiency of your traffic monetization efforts. With unlimited budgets and prelanders built into the system, these offers provide a seamless flow from user engagement to conversion. 

Key features

Here’s what sets our in-house apps apart:

  • Efficient in-app traffic monetization: These apps are optimized to convert in-app traffic effectively, increasing your earnings.
  • In-built prelanders: Additional monetization options are included to enhance bids and overall profitability.
  • Flexible budget opportunity: We are ready to provide uncap if your traffic is high-quality and your leads have high LTV (life-time value).  


Why should you consider using in-house apps? Here is why they might suit you:

  • High conversion rates: The streamlined flow and optimized design ensure high conversion rates.
  • Flexible optimization: You can adjust settings for sub-sources and GEO rates to fine-tune your campaigns.

Ideal traffic types

In-house apps are particularly effective with:

  • Push traffic
  • In-app traffic
  • Pop traffic

And we have more straightforward and high-converting offers! Let’s also talk about Smartlink.

Ever wondered how to make the most of your mixed traffic sources? Smartlink offers could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Designed to handle various types of traffic, including push notifications, pop traffic, in-app traffic, TrafficBack, and remnant traffic, Smartlink gets the highest earnings per click (EPC).

Key features

Smartlink’s strength lies in its versatility and efficiency. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Versatile monetization tool: Suitable for different traffic types, making it easy to adapt to your specific needs.
  • Algorithm optimization: Uses an advanced algorithm to maximize EPC by selecting the most relevant offers automatically.
  • Full target coverage: Works with worldwide traffic from all devices, ensuring you don’t miss out on any potential earnings.
  • Automatic offer selection: The system picks the most relevant offer for each click, optimizing your monetization efforts seamlessly.
  • Comprehensive GEO coverage: Monetize traffic from all over the world.
  • Monetization of all clicks: Every click is directed to a relevant offer, maximizing potential earnings.
  • Drive traffic directly to Smartlink without needing additional creatives.

Please note: No adult or bot traffic accepted.

Best practices

To get the most out of Smartlink offers, consider these recommendations:

  • High click volume: Aim for at least 50K clicks daily for 4-5 days to allow the algorithm to gather sufficient data and optimize performance.
  • Fresh Smartlink generation: Regularly update your Smartlink to keep up with product setting changes.
  • Targeting settings: Disable old browser versions and platforms from your targeting settings to ensure high-quality offers in your Smartlink feed.

Smartlink offers are a powerful tool to diversify your traffic monetization strategy. 

But what about more specialized traffic sources? That’s where our in-house apps come into play. 

And by the way, when searching for the right offer, you can also rely on the catalogues, like this one on the Affiliate Wave resource.

Making the most of Zeydoo offers

Finding the right tools to boost your affiliate marketing can transform your strategy and earnings. Let’s recap the unique advantages of the three types of Zeydoo offers and how they can serve your needs.

Offer typeKey featuresIdeal trafficAdvantages

Versatile, automatic offer selection, full GEO coverage
Push notifications, pop-traffic, in-app

High EPC, no creatives needed, comprehensive monetization

In-house apps

Unlimited budgets, efficient in-app traffic monetization, continuous operation

Push, in-app, pop traffic

High conversion rates, flexible optimization
SOI sweepstakes, reward platform, high payouts

Social PPC, native, email, SMS, in-app, display traffic
High custom rates, no traffic volume limits, VIP support
Simple user flow with several questions, suitable for all GEOs/devices/browsers

Pop and push traffic

Reliable income source, versatile topics, easy to implement

Each offer type has its strengths. Whether you need the versatility of Smartlink, the robust performance of in-house apps, or the simplicity of survey offers, Zeydoo has an option to suit your strategy. 

Ready to level up your earnings? Choose your offer today!

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