Shorts & Reels for Affiliate Campaigns: How to Turn Them into New Profit Channels

Shorts & Reels for Affiliate Campaigns

Thinking of new ways to promote your affiliate links?

As you should! Competition in all industries is increasing + new marketing trends are constantly shifting – it’s commendable that you’re trying to keep up.

Let’s examine the methods you have used so far to present products and services to your audience.

  • Paid ads? → this one is a given
  • Product reviews and tutorials? → checked
  • Email marketing? → most likely
  • Social media and forums? → most definitely
  • Video content? → it would be super weird if you haven’t tapped into it till now

Video has the power to dramatically increase conversion rates – companies that use video marketing see up to a 34% increase in CR over those that do not.

However, it’s not just about using the video footage – it’s also about the format. More importantly, it’s about combining two of the most powerful marketing assets – videos and social media – in order to achieve a proper campaign performance boost.

Today, we are talking about using YouTube Shorts and Instagram/Facebook Reels in affiliate campaigns.


The power of short-form videos

On average, people spend around two and a half hours on social media platforms every day. But get this – 72% of social media users prefer video content over any other format.

Now, be aware that our attention spans are very short. While social media users spend a lot of time scrolling through all those feeds, the time they spend on a single post is measured in seconds. They are constantly looking for the next best thing to entertain them.

This leads us to the conclusion that there are better ways to try and convert users than long video formats. Chances are they will be long gone before you even get to the point. The answer is short video formats:

→ YouTube shorts that have a 60-second limit

→ Instagram Reels that can last up to 90 seconds

Which is more than enough time to catch a user’s attention, introduce the offer, and hopefully ensure a conversion. 

Here are the stats for 2023. We are pretty sure that the percentage next to short-form video will be much higher by the end of 2024:

Marketers Double Down on Short-Form Video in 2023

Short video format: All the benefits

Designed to catch the viewer’s eye easily and communicate the message quickly, short-form videos come with a lot of advantages affiliate marketers could benefit from:

  • Higher engagement – the nature of these videos encourages users to stay and watch the content till the very end (these videos usually go straight to the point within the first couple of seconds)
  • Broader reach – short-form videos are compact and extremely easy to share, allowing them to reach a wider audience across multiple social media platforms.
  • Increased brand awareness— the fact that these videos are shared all over social media makes them great for brand introductions and product presentations
  • Cost-effective production – there’s no doubt that creating and editing short video formats requires fewer resources than making longer footage, which is especially important for businesses with limited budgets.
  • Unique approach – the fact that there’s a time limit makes the video creator especially inspired to be creative and come up with a captivating approach.
  • Mobile-friendly format short-form videos are designed for mobile viewing, which makes them more likely to be seen while people are on the go (during short breaks, commutes, waiting in a coffee line, etc.).

Is it really possible for Shorts and Reels to attract traffic?

Absolutely. Shorts and Reels are video formats supported by some of the biggest social media platforms. And as we explained, these are the doors to knock on to grow your reach.

Now, it’s absolutely necessary to create engaging and worth-watching videos for your target audience, which does not come without some challenges. However, it is possible, and you don’t even need previous experience in this type of endeavor or a special set of skills.

Note: We will explain a bit later how the entire video content can be created using AI tools (free or paid), so you won’t even have to actually film a thing. 

To attract traffic with short-form video, you need to:


#1 Do the proper research within the niche you are working in

It is essential to see what makes your target audience tick and the type of messages others in the same line of business present to users. Find what could work best for you. Pay attention to the number of post views and followers of accounts you think are worth having as an inspiration → if their videos hit thousands of views and have a quite number of shares and likes, you are on the right path.

Important! We do not recommend copying someone else’s work, but rather looking for inspiration in it for your own content!

Also, research your audience’s pain points and how the products you want to promote can help them improve their lifestyle. This is crucial – you do want to sell, so you must be the best salesman possible.


#2 Create quality content 

People are visual beings – our brains process visuals over 30,000 times faster than text. That’s why you should make sure your videos are done well and pay attention to every single detail. Everything matters – the font you use, graphic elements in place, animation style, and clearly the message you are displaying – how you are doing it.

The video does not have to be complex and overly dynamic to be engaging, it can even be super simple (like the guy sitting in front of a camera and just talking + some minor effects), but in that case, there must be a catch right from the start that will lure the viewers and keep them on their toes. 

There’s a formula that can help you thrive with short-form videos → present a hook, tell the story, and give an offer. Here’s an example of how to do it:


You can also simply present the product or service you want to promote visually within an attractive context and include a clear CTA that could lead to conversions straight away. This strategy is very effective (just look at the comment section in this video):


While we are on the subject: To actually do something with all the traffic you have attracted and convert the users, you need to include your affiliate links and CTAs wherever you can.

→ Instagram Reels do not support clickable links, but you can add the link to your Bio and then place a CTA in the Reel, asking viewers to check out the link in your Bio, or add the CTA to the Reel description.

Note: There’s always an option to use Instagram Stories to promote links in videos!

→ YouTube Shorts has had a similar policy since August 2023, when the platform removed the option to attach clickable links to Shorts, but you can place them on your channel page (just like Instagram’s Bio) + you can still add links in Shorts that take viewers to long-form YouTube videos.


#3 Be consistent with posting

The more you post, the more your follower base will grow and your reach will increase. Regular posting is also important from a community building perspective.

You can choose to stick to your own unique video style, a great number of successful short-form video creators do it like that, but you can also decide to experiment from time to time and include some of the new trends when creating your videos. This stepping out of the comfort zone could lead to quite a few fresh followers and possible extra conversions.


#4 Engage with your community

It’s not enough to create engaging videos and post them regularly. You need to be personally involved and present. You should encourage users to comment and share your content, but also answer their questions and acknowledge their thoughts. It is also a must to comment on other people’s posts, repost their videos, praise good strategies, initiate conversations, etc.

This step is important because it keeps your content trending and relevant. It also sends a signal to social media platforms that you are engaged with other creators’ and influencers’ work, which can trigger social media algorithms to boost your content and provide you with a wider reach.


Guide: How to make Shorts and Reels without going over budget

As we mentioned, short-form videos do not ask for big budgets and can be done well with little to no investments at all. There’s a whole bunch of free tools you can rely on for generating content as well as for editing footage. 

Here’s an example of an Instagram creator who uses nothing but AI to create Reels, and as you can see he has hundreds of thousands of views for each:

And here’s the whole video creation process – from an idea to the realization of Reels, all done with free tools:

Let’s assume you are a social media newbie, at least in terms of using these platforms for business and affiliate promotion purposes. And let’s say you want to start making and posting Instagram Reels. 

What you need is to create an Instagram account (which is free), select your niche, and look for inspiration – real viral video ideas you find interesting (there are tools that can help you with this step, like ViralFindr, for example ↓).

ViralFindr tool - Social media

Now download the reels you think are cool (by copying the link and pasting it into the Snapinsta app, which can save the reels as a video on your device) and then convert them to get a text script of the video.

SnapInsta app
Vizard - Video to text

Note: You can use Vizard to convert video into the script. However, be sure to uncheck the “Get AI clips” option because you don’t really need it, and it would cost you.

Go to ChatGPT and ask it to rewrite the script you like, while emphasizing the importance of keeping the same style of writing. You will get the new script, but you need to add a hook to it (something like “What you’re about to see will FOREVER change how you…”).

Take the edited script and turn it into a voiceover (be sure to choose an appropriate voice type for your specific audience).

Generative Voice AI

At this point, you should look for some interesting video effects. There are tools that offer pretty good free effects you can use + you should check the EyeCandy and select some engaging clips to include in your Reels.


When you finally have all these pieces collected, it is time to turn them into something tangible. We suggest going with the CapCut video editor you can join for free and select the TikTok template.

CapCut - Video Editor

Upload ready media, voiceover, and start playing with all the options. You can add captions, change animations on it, add effects that can really turn things around, etc → and finally export the video directly to social media or download it and share it from your device.


Tools that could help you create Shorts and Reels

  • ViralFindr – use it to find ideas for well-performing Instagram content; you can create an account, get some free credits, and do the search right away, but clearly only as a test drive; you will have to pay for it afterward
  • ChatGPT – create a prompt and use it to generate viral Reel variations or to optimize your profile
  • Snapinsta – use it to download videos from Instagram
  • Vizard – a tool that can help you convert a video into text 
  • ElevenLabs – you can use it to turn the script into a voiceover
  • CinePacks – source for video effects you can use for short-form videos
  • ActionVFX – another source for free video effects and animations
  • EyeCandy – source for cool and numerous video clips
  • CapCut – a free platform for short-form video creation

How to promote offers via short-form videos?

Now that you have a video and an offer you want to promote, you need to think about what type of funnel you want to apply. This mainly depends on your goals, and clearly the vertical within you are working.

Reels funnel example: Here is an illustration of how you can promote a Sweepstake offer via Instagram Reels + some examples of creatives you could use within this type of short-form video promotion.

You upload a video that showcases the usage of a product you want to promote. Add an attractive, yet simple title to it, mention the product within the Reel description, and then write that you will give a discount code below. Interested parties will then scroll down to the bottom of the video description and probably watch the footage till the end.

It is important to then serve your audience with a subtle call to action. → Do not ask them directly to visit the site or check the link in the bio; instead, give them the code (that you promised) and present a limited-time offer.


Whoever is interested will check the profile right away and click on the link to see the product price. Right there, the conversions will happen.

Useful tip: Using hashtags is of great importance, especially if you want your video to reach the widest possible audience. There are some useful tools, like the Hashtag Analytics browser plugins you can rely on to get to the most relevant hashtags for your Reels.


Reels requirements

  • Reels should have a minimum frame rate of 30 FPS (frames per second) and a minimum resolution of 720 pixels
  • It should be made in vertical 9:16 format for complete immersion of the content
  • It must align with Instagram rules and Community Guidelines
  • It cannot contain adult content, or elements of violence and cruelty – such content will be most likely removed, and the profile could be blocked
  • To promote iGaming offers via Reels, you need written permission from Meta

Note: Be aware that Instagram is a social platform that’s all about promoting a certain lifestyle and aesthetics, so you should make sure your Reels are visually appealing and that the content is quite polished. It’s also the reason why you need to pick an attractive preview of the footage. 


Shorts requirements

  • • Videos must be in a vertical orientation with a 9:16 aspect ratio and 1920×1080 pixels resolution
  • • The title for Shorts should not be longer than 100 characters
  • • You must add the #Shorts hashtag to the video description

They must align with YouTube rules and Community Guidelines

Note: For both Shorts and Reels, it is essential to use ONLY unique content; taking someone else’s work and posting it under your profile name will lead to no views or conversions!

To avoid video removal or channel strikes, make sure not to:

  • • serve your audience with misleading content, such as fake testimonials and exaggerated claims
  • • promote adult and other age-restricted products
  • • hide affiliate partnerships – it is a must for Shorts creators to declare their videos containing affiliate links

Shorts funnel example: Based on the type of offer you want to promote, create a YouTube channel targeted towards that particular niche. Create and upload the video, enter the title, video description, and hashtags. Make sure to mention in the description that the link to the offer or a promotional code is in the comment. When the video is live go and post the comment with the link or promo code.


Zeydoo offers to promote via Shorts and Reels

Here are a couple of offers that would be perfect for testing the short-form video promotion tactics we presented and analyzed within this article:

Sony PlayStation 5 – New Preland

Sony PlayStation 5 – New Preland

ID: 14301

Dyson Styler

Dyson Styler

ID: 13729


iPhone 15 Pro – Facebook Traffic

iPhone 15 Pro – Facebook Traffic

ID: 13020

Visa Card

Visa Card $500

ID: 10266

Samsung A55 – New Preland

Samsung A55 – New Preland

ID: 14300


What’s next?

When creating Shorts and Reels to promote affiliate links, you need easy-to-consume content. We gave you all the clues and steps to get there. It’s up to you to roll up your sleeves and do the magic.

Now register at Zeydoo and look for some hot offers!

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