Scanero from Zeydoo: how to work with utilities and how much it can bring

Zeydoo is here and we want to share a mini case study from our partner who worked with one of our offers – a mobile scanner Scanero. You’ll find out how the test went and its results, what the ROI was and if traffic from Adsterra really converts well. 

Adsterra does say that utilities is one of the main verticals in their ad network. We’ll see if it’s true. Go read, take notes and start earning more!

About the offer and costs 

Scanero is one of the exclusive products from Zeydoo in the utilities category. The mobile scanner is popular among Android users and allows you to quickly scan documents and convert them into files on your telephone. 

Offer: 9407 Scanero : QR Code Reader
Time period: 30.05 – 28.06
Traffic source: Adsterra
Format: Popunder
OS: Android

Talking about profit: we have mentioned in the beginning that this was a test, but already at the start with monthly optimizations in Adsterra the partner managed to get profit.

Spending: $1311.20
Revenue: $2102.89
Profit: $791.70
ROI: 60.38%

While others are driving big volumes in highly competitive niches with ROI <30%, Zeydoo’s partners find working bundles with ROI >50% and scale without any special effort in white niches. 

More about landing pages and GEOs

The partner used a static pre-lander that encouraged the user to download the app. On the landing page there was a countdown time that made them make the decision faster and improved the CR.

There were two types of landing pages tested: Light and Dark.

In the end both landing pages showed great results, so the partner decided to keep them both.

The main GEOs were BR, ES, VN, SN, MZ, CM, CI, CD, AO, PT, UG:

Traffic launch and scaling 

Blacklists were created once traffic just started and they included even those platforms, where it was hard to even get even.
The campaigns were further optimized using the blacklists and working with rates.

Here’s statistics for the light landing page: 

Statistics for the dark landing page: 

Tip! Do not forget to count conversions that come later and check the blacklist regularly. For example, in this case there were a few platforms that later showed great results and they were taken out of the blacklist. 

We also want to share this screenshot from our partner with filter by GEO:

And days:

(!) The statistics in the screenshots from Adsterra and the tracker might be a bit different due to temporary bug at the moment the screenshots were made. And, as usual, there can be a slight discrepancy in data. 

BR, by the way, was kept even when it ended in the red because of the new platforms and it did affect the total result.
But the situation was remedied by putting these platforms in the blacklist.  

As we see, the ROI was quite high for a white offer that doesn’t get banned. And you can easily scale your campaign with multiple GEOs. So, don’t waste this opportunity to be the first to get profit from Zeydoo’s exclusive products. You can read more about how to work with Mobile Apps & Utilities vertical in this article.

And, as a reminder, we are still buying case studies from our partners who work with our exclusive in-house products. You don’t have to write a case, we can do it for you. All you need to do is give us the stats and data. Check out the details here.

Work with Zeydoo and earn with a trustworthy partner! Go to Adsterra to buy good quality traffic for utilities. 

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