Smart Survey Zeydoo Offers and DAO.Ad Traffic: A Proven Profitable Duo [Stats and Tips]

If you have been looking for profitable CPA offers and top-notch traffic that would bring you undeniable results, low testing expenses, and scaling opportunity… We have something for you!

In this post, we share an efficient bundle: DAO.Ad traffic + Smart Survey offers from Zeydoo backed up with testing results reflected in statistics (what can be more objective?). Also, we will share the best top-performing offers to launch, as well as tips on top GEOs, ad formats, and general recommendations that will help your campaigns skyrocket.

Practical tips, numbers, and no fluff. So read on.


Before we start: what are Smart Surveys from Zeydoo?


Smart Surveys are in-house CPL (cost-per-lead) offers by Zeydoo CPA Network. Their main peculiarity – a super-simple flow, which ensures more conversions that are completed in a really short time.


The flow

  • Users see your ad (whatever format you choose – Push, Popunder, banner, etc.);
  • Users click the ad and get to your landing page, where the survey details are presented (all landing pages are premade and translated to various languages by Zeydoo); 
  • Engaged users complete a survey, and you get your conversion. 



Smart Surveys, including the examples below, have different payouts for various GEOs. But there is more! First, all affiliates earn their payouts depending on the chosen GEO, but after they reach a daily limit, the payment model upgrades to RevShare. 

You can contact a Zeydoo manager for more information about personal payment options, since they have special conditions for aspiring partners. 


Reasons to try

  • Fast and cheap testing – you can start testing having $5 per day and see if your campaign works really quickly due to the CPL peculiarity;
  • Again, simple flow, which influences the conversion rates directly and naturally boosts them, since users are more active when no extensive moves required;
  • High payouts – in-house offers from Zeydoo bring better commissions than any third-party offers just because there are no in-betweeners who also receive money. Plus, as we said, Zeydoo has special payout conditions for partners, ensuring rate bumps (up to x10);
  • Readymade landing pages – also, you don’t have to tailor creatives yourself, because Zeydoo already has them (tested and proved to be efficient).   
  • Most GEOs and traffic sources accepted – Smart Surveys work worldwide, plus – all traffic types (except fraud, misleading, and proxy) are welcome. 

Smart Surveys + DAO.Ad: how much can you earn?

First, let’s start with a traffic source, in our case, it is DAO.Ad. This network provides Push, Popunder, Native, and Video ad formats. And great news – Smart Surveys work great with Push and Popunder. 

Second, what about GEOs? And most important – what about potential income? 


Finally, we have reached the most interesting part of our article – testing results. Our partners from DAO evaluated Smart Surveys’ performance and presented some juicy stats divided by the most profitable GEOs. Here you go:

Finance Survey (Android) – #2025
Finance Survey (Android) – #5522


Sweeps Survey (Android) – #2755
Sweeps Survey (Android) – #11244


Social Network Survey – #2061
Captcha Survey – #3934


Finance Survey New Design – #9540
Finance Survey New Design (iOS) – #11022
Test Your Luck (Android) – #9210


As you can see, ID, BR, TH, and other GEOs from the list show significant results without extensive investments on Push and Popunder. Worth trying! 

Summing up

Here are some takeaways for you:

  • Smart Surveys convert well, namely because they are naturally engaging and people eagerly participate; 
  • Such offers work great on Push and Popunder;
  • The best GEOs are Tier-2 and Tier-3, but some of Tier-1 (like US and GB) are also worth your attention – just mind your testing budget and see what fits you better; 
  • Combine Zeydoo offers and DAO.Ad traffic – it works!

Smart Surveys can become your stable and strong source of income, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced advertiser. Choose the offer from the list, launch your campaign with relevant traffic from DAO, and get ready to count your dollars! Good luck!


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