Sports traffic in summer 2024


Hot Sports Summer 2024: How to Get The Most Out of Sports Traffic?

Summer is coming, and some believe it’s the ‘dead season’ for CPA marketing. Yes, many users are vacationing without any intention of converting. However, summer keeps an ace in the hole: big sporting events that boost traffic across all verticals to the Moon!

We said ‘all verticals,’ and we mean it. Even if you are not into iGaming offers, the magic of sports traffic can still grow your earnings. Today, we will show you how it happens and give you some offer ideas for running this summer.

Why Care About Sports?


Again, sports traffic is not exclusively about iGaming. Of course, these two make a good match, but the trick is that a big event affects all traffic at certain GEOs and attracts many users with different interests.

Here is some proof: one of our partner ad networks shared statistics on the campaigns that were run during last year’s Champions League Final. 

Isn’t the traffic boost evident? And these clicks and impressions are NOT exclusively from iGaming offers.

CL Finals Date10 976 115 97123 964 362
Compared to the previous day+44 163 348+12 193 382


What Are The Biggest Events to Count On In Summer 2024?


This summer, we will witness plenty of tournaments and championships in various disciplines. Here is a quick sheet that will help you avoid missing the most important (e.g., the most traffic-boosting) ones.

June 1Final of the Champions League 2023/2024
June 14 – July 14 Euro 2024
June 24UEFA Champions League: Preliminary round semi-finals
June 28UEFA Champions League: Preliminary round final
July 7Formula 1: British Grand Prix
July 9MLB: All-Star Game 2024
July 20Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing fight
July 26-August 11Paris 2024 Olympics
August 25Formula 1: Dutch Grand Prix
August 26La Liga: Celta Vigo – Real Madrid


Besides, some very big UFC fights might be scheduled for June or July, so keep an eye on the US Octagon updates, too.

What Verticals To Run?


iGaming will get big, of course, and that’s what many media buyers prefer to run during big events. You can try it out, too: for example, we have an iGaming Survey with a very cheap and simple conversion flow.

What else?



Our partner’s network stats usually show big eCommerce traffic increases during most sporting events. For example, here is a very obvious conversion spike that happened on July 8, 2023, a day of the Volkanovski vs. Rodriguez fight:

July 8, the day of the fight315 970
Compared to the previous day+179 610

Samuel Mwosu, a media buyer, also agrees eCommerce offers are a good idea: 

While big football games, fights, or other sports events are the best time for me to run iGaming campaigns, I also include eCommerce offers to my planning list. eCommerce platforms usually want to capitalize on the increased interest in related products and optimize their listing. This may involve targeted ads and offering competitive prizes in exclusive deals during the events.



The iGaming fever rises during a big sports event. Is the urge to get a free iPhone or PlayStation significantly different from this? Not really. 

Being also very close to eCommerce (we are offering some goods in both cases), Giveaway offers are much easier to earn with. 

Let’s just look at how this vertical grew at our partner network last year during the UEFA Super Cup:

August 16, the day of the game574 070 000
Compared to the previous day+75 870 000

Svetoslav, a media buyer:Giveaways are easy: everyone loves free stuff. Usually, it’s about simple flows and fast payouts, so they are very competitive.’

Social Surveys and Apps

Surprisingly, sometimes, the Social vertical is also growing during sports games: here is how it did impressions-wise during the UEFA CUP at another ad network we partner with:

GEOImpressions growth

Alex Shovkun, Marketing Consultant: It’s a perfect idea to try running offers in various verticals, including Social, during big sporting events. While the competition and prices might become higher, you will most likely profit from the traffic boost that spreads to most verticals.

Which Offers to Run?


Finally, we got to the most actionable part: which exact offers can you run? To make your life easier, we just prepared a comprehensive list you can use right away.

Sweepstakes Offers: 

We have two types of Sweepstakes. 

First, we have Rewardis, our special in-house SOI sweepstakes. They might seem just regular Sweepstakes with a very simple SOI flow, where you hit a conversion after a user submits their data on a requested page. 

However, Rewardis is more than that. Why?

  • Your conversion is ready when a user registers on a platform where people can complete various tasks and take part in other giveaways.
  • As a result, you promote not a single giveaway but a whopping platform that gives people opportunities to participate in more contests. This inspires much more trust and gives extra motivation for users to convert!
  • Our team creates custom prelanders for particular events: Saint Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. Right now, we are planning to test and add special prelanders for the top summer sporting events to boost your earnings with Rewardis.
  • Unlike other Sweepstakes we have in stock, this one is our in-house product, available for most GEOs and traffic sources.

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Telegram channel/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn

Here are the top Rewardis offers that will most likely convert like there’s no tomorrow during sporting events:

We are constantly working on Rewardis funnels to make them convert even better. Recently, we introduced three offers with brand new prelanders and an easier flow. Long story short, our tests showed a 20% higher CR for them – don’t you want to try, too?

Here we shared some more details about them

Besides, there are regular Sweepstakes offers, too. We have many of them targeting the US and Canada, and this might be a campaign idea for MLB or NBA finals, taking place in late June. Here are some top ones to pick from:

Social Offers:

We have two types of Social offers. With the first one, you are supposed to promote Social apps on Popunder and Push traffic, so this might require a bit more than zero experience:

Another option is even simpler: a Social Network survey with ready pre-landers, a big choice of accepted traffic sources, and the easiest possible SOI flow.

Note from ZeyDoo: we also have a special private Social SmartLink – contact your personal manager to test it, too!

What About Traffic Sources?


In fact, you are not limited here – just note the terms of the offers you pick.

Samuel Mwosu: I think when it comes to traffic sources, we all can agree that everyone prefers different platforms. I, for example, love particular ad networks because of their convenient tools, and I also run sports campaigns through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

That’s pretty it: bookmark this page to save the sports calendar and the offers, or start monetizing your traffic right away.

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