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New offer WatchAds: earn with people watching ads

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Now you can start earning money when a user watches ads on their smartphones or laptops. No complicated funnels, apps or other schemes. Just start traffic and get your profit with a white-hat easily scalable offer. You can even run incent traffic!

Watchads is a new exclusive product from Zeydoo. An offer with a worldwide coverage where a user follows the link and watches 3 advertisements. After that the pixel is fired and the conversion appears. This is the easiest funnel ever and a brand new type of offers for the audience which guarantees a high CR.

We have two commission models available here:

You can run any type of traffic, including incent, so there should be no problem with the quality! The only restriction there is – bot and fraud traffic. All other types are acceptable and will get you your profit. The test cap for each partner is $75; then our team optimizes the offer for your type of traffic and gives a bigger cap. 

Write the promo code “WATCHYOUR20” to your manager till the end of May 2023 and get +$20 to the payment if you have more than $150 in revenue. 

Zeydoo is constantly working so that you have the best rates and exclusive products. May the profit be with you!

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