waves of profit


Waves of profit: +7% to payout for everyone who increases volume

We start the new year with adding new perks for you to skyrocket your profit. Nothing extraordinary needed, just grow your volume and take +7% to increase your payout. In this post we’ll explain all the rules that we’ll use to calculate your bonuses. 

This is a special offer that will be valid for 2 months: January and February of this year. That means, you can count on more profit right now!

Levels of profit and terms 

It is quite easy: here are levels of profit in the table below 👇

LevelYour profit, $
1$1 000,00
2$2 000,00
3$5 000,00
4$10 000,00
5$15 000,00
6$25 000,00
7$40 000,00
8$60 000,00
9$100 000,00
10$200 000,00

So, to get +7% to your next withdrawal you need to drive one level of more profit than you did in the previous month. Yes, that easy. No competition between people, only bonuses in real money. The more you earn, the bigger the bonus!

How to calculate your profit and get +7% to your payout

Read the terms, but it’s still unclear? Here is an example to help you 👇

We take your profit from 01/10/2022 to 31/12/2023 and sort it by months. Then we give you a level of profit based on the biggest sum of a month in this time period. Let’s say, these are your results:

  • October – $0
  • November – $7 800
  • December – $10 500
  • January – $28 300
  • February – $50 500

On the start you get the level based on the results of December, because for you it was the most profitable month starting 01/10/2022 – $10 500. You’re on the 4th level. 

To get your +7% in January, you need to send at least $15 000 to get a higher level. Taking the numbers from the example, you made $28 300. This is enough to get to the 5th level and take +7%. 

In January you grew by $28 300 – $10 500 = $17 800. Let’s multiply it by 7%. As a result, you get $1 246 more without any special effort. To get +7% in February you’ll need to go to the 6th level and surpass $40 000 of profit. 

Going back to the example and we’ll see that you earned $50 500 in February. You earned $50 500 – $28 300 = $22 200 more than last month. x7% => +$1 554 to your account.

So, for you to take +7% in January and February, you’ll have to increase your volume each month at least to the next level. 

A few important rules that will help you get your money:

  • If from 01/10/2022 till 31/12/2023 you drove less than $1 000, just get through the threshold of the first level and get +7% to your increase;
  • If you get just to the borderline of the level, let’s say $2 000 – you go to the second level. This rule applies to all level of profit; 
  • The withdrawal itself, as well as bonuses, will be sent to you after traffic quality check;
  • If you can’t calculate how much you will receive, text your manager and we’ll help you learn the correct amount.

Send more traffic in January and February than in previous months and take +7% of the difference between monthly profits. Don’t forget that we’re rooting for you to get more profit! For new offers and tips for scaling text your manager. 

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