Traffic to Sweepstakes from Meta (Facebook) in 2024: trends and tips

sweepstakes and meta trends 2024

Sweepstakes is a niche with huge potential. It has way lower competition than, for instance, iGaming, but it’s no less profitable. And, as a bonus, it’s easier to scale your campaigns since the moderation process is quite simple.  

These offers are basically giveaways that every user can take part in by filling out a specific form, getting a subscription or performing any other action required by the advertiser. Filling out the form would be the most common option: the user needs to give their email, address, phone number, credit card info.   

Peculiarities of Sweepstakes offers and the niche volume 

Sweepstakes are in high demand which is easy to understand: you get the opportunity to win valuable prizes (smartphones, trips, gift cards, gadgets etc.) by following simple requirements.  

Sweepstakes convert even better when before any type of holiday when people start spending more money and are more prone to believing in miracles. Do not miss your opportunity to earn more with Sweepstakes during the holiday season and check out our article: How a media buyer can get maximum profit with upcoming holidays on Sweepstakes.

The fact that online giveaways are still popular can be easily supported by these statistics for 2023:

  • 620 000 000+ Google searches for ‘giveaway’;
  • 5 500 000+ hashtags ‘giveaway’ on Facebook;
  • 360 000+ FB groups with giveaways (no longer active); 
  • 150 000+ new giveaways appear every day.

ТОP-5 countries where people searched for ‘giveaway on Facebook’:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Canada
  3. United States
  4. Australia
  5. South Africa.

ТОP-5 countries where people searched for ‘giveaway on Instagram’:

  1. Australia
  2. South Africa
  3. Mexico
  4. India
  5. Canada

Every year US companies spend more than $17 billion on giveaways. Which means that Sweepstakes are a simple, easy-to-participate and high-in-demand product that users trust (which is great for the CR). 

Types of Sweepstakes offers

There are 4 types of Sweepstakes offers:

  • SOI (Single-Opt In). In these offers users need to fill out the information with their email address without confirming it by getting an email. This is the easiest flow for the user and it gives higher CR. But the payouts are usually lower here;
  • DOI (Double-Opt In) presupposes that the contact info (usually, email) is confirmed by following the link from an email that is sent to you after filling out the form. The CR is lower because of additional steps the user has to take, but the payouts are higher; 
  • CC Submits. In this case the user needs to give their credit card info. The CR is usually lower than in the previous two types, but the payout is much (much) higher. You need to further refine your funnel and warm up the customer so that they bring a conversion.  

Launching Facebook traffic to Sweepstakes does not differ greatly from launching traffic to any other vertical. If you still have questions, you can check out our full guide here:  Facebook traffic: everything you need to know to start

You can also read this material where we explain everything about FB traffic to Sweepstakes:

To constantly have high ROI you need to get rid of obsolete approaches and keep up with the trends. So, what’s popular in working with Sweepstakes in 2024:

  • gamification. Wheels and gift boxes where a user takes their shot at winning work perfectly. Now some add lists of winners under the interactive element to peak the user’s interest in the game; 
  • eco-friendliness – Tier-1 countries introduce more products that are not harmful for the ecology. Many developed countries now focus on preserving the nature which is becoming increasingly popular everywhere; 
  • Artificial Intelligence – use AI to make creatives and to work with pre-landers: new designs always improve the CTR and the effectiveness of the campaign.  

Sweepstakes always convert well with Facebook traffic and remain popular among the affiliates. 

Tips on working with Sweepstakes: in-house offers from Zeydoo 

In Zeydoo you can find 50+ unique Sweepstakes for any GEO: gift cards, petrol coupons, cash and much more. We’re beyond proud of Rewardis – our own product with a unique funnel that you won’t find in another network. This Sweepstake with the opportunity to win a smartphone shows great conversion rate in LATAM countries, Asia, Africa and Europe.  

In 2023 traffic volumes grew more than 10 times and kept getting higher every month. We constantly work on optimizing the funnel for your types of traffic which helps increase the CR and profit in the long run. Message your manager to get the relevant info on Sweepstakes.  

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