Rewardis: King of SOI Sweepstakes and an Engaging Reward Platform

As one of the oldest verticals in the world of affiliate marketing, Sweepstakes is proven to be worthy of marketers’ time, and for two reasons mainly.

First, it’s a lucrative but undervalued niche, and launching sweepstakes campaigns could well become a new “gold mine” as sweepstakes are now experiencing a “second birth” – the market is expected to reach $430.4 billion by 2031. Secondly, competition in this vertical is not as fierce as in iGaming, for example, so it will be easier to make money.

While we are talking about iGaming, there are a huge number of restrictions in this niche. Take legal restrictions, for example—in some countries, iGaming is either completely banned or heavily controlled by the state.

For example, according to the new law in Brazil, only licensed products can be promoted. We can also note restrictions from traffic sources – in Facebook you must obtain written permission to promote iGaming campaigns, without which it is sometimes impossible to launch.

Be aware that there are numerous “white hat” offers in Sweepstakes that will allow you to scale and earn without worrying about being limited by country-specific regulations.

With all that in mind, Zeydoo developed an in-house offer set called Rewardis, and it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

What is Rewardis and how it works?


Apart from being a highly efficient set of SOI Sweepstake with high payouts and high CR, Rewardis is also a reward platform – 2-in-1.

When working with sweepstakes, affiliates’ flow usually ends when users enter their details to participate in the contest, i.e., the user goes through the funnel, and the affiliate receives the payout.

Unlike regular sweepstakes, the Rewardis platform allows users to register and participate in a variety of other contests. After creating an account, Rewardis users can complete different tasks to qualify for particular sweepstakes and also see their ranking among other participants.

As a marketer, all you have to do is engage your visitors and make them aware of this great opportunity that’s lying right in front of them.

Here’s what the Rewardis platform looks like:


The basics: What are SOI Sweepstakes?


Sweepstakes are basically contests that offer prizes to participants, where winners are chosen by luck. Sweepstake offers usually have a linear conversion flow, and in most cases, the prize is the product or service that’s being promoted, or you will be offered to win some bonuses and discounts.

SOI (Single opt-in) conversion model implies users are to make only one, simple step in order to be considered as the contest participants. Usually, it’s just filling out the form with an email address. 

Benefits that come with Rewardis offers

  • No limitations on the traffic volume
  • Really high custom rates – we’re not limited by budget when it comes to high-quality traffic, and we’re willing to pay x10 or more over the default rate if we see that your traffic converts well.
  • Ready-made pre-landers in the language of a targeted GEO – Rewardis is presented in Africa, LATAM, Asia, and Europe.
  • VIP service with custom acquisition funnel and pre-landers designed especially for you
  • 24/7 support and traffic quality feedback provided by Zeydoo managers

And don’t think we made these promises lightly. We have a firm ground to stand on, with 12+ years of in-house product development experience, and extensive expertise in SOI Sweepstakes.


Talking about the advantages you can rely on with Rewardis, here are some more: 

“As a classic SOI Sweepstake, we of course, provide a variety of seasonal landing pages so that affiliates could play more with their buying strategies, creatives, etc. For example, in previous months, we provided landings for St. Valentine’s Day and for Women’s Day. Plus, in terms of diversification, we released offers with new prizes – Dyson and PlayStation”, says Karina Arkhangelskaya, Traffic Director at Zeydoo.

Team up with Rewardis: GEOs to explore 


“We have a competitive GEO set that has a tendency to grow. While Rewardis is currently present in Asia, Africa, Latam, and Europe”, Karina confirmed.

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that not many Sweepstakes have a presence across several regions at the same time.

When it comes to Africa, Asia, and Latam, there are practically no SOI Sweepstakes in these affiliate markets, so Rewardis is justifiably expected to bloom. Why exactly?

Because Zeydoo recognized a huge potential in these regions that come with low competition.

“We at Zeydoo understand exactly how to monetize traffic from Asia, Africa, and Latam, and we are ready to provide our partners with the opportunity to send their traffic without any restrictions. By working with Rewardis, affiliates can actually get a market that no one else owns yet”, Maksim Stanovikhin, Head of Marketing at Zeydoo explained.

Read more about this topic in the post on top growing GEOs for Sweepstakes.

Top Traffic sources for Rewardis


And when it comes to the best traffic sources for Rewardis offers, they were designed to meet all the most popular ones – Social PPC traffic, especially Facebook and TikTok, Native, Email, SMS, In-App, and Display traffic.

Check out the case study on Rewardis + Facebook traffic that led our partner to $300+ daily profits and more than $23k in 2 months. If you were in doubt that this specific combo could work, Desha’s stats and campaign flow will blow your mind and make you wanna follow his steps:


Bear in mind: We do have offers for FB traffic specifically, but they are locked, meaning affiliates have to submit a request for these offers, and confirm which traffic they’d be sending. Payouts for these offers are higher as we always see higher LTV (lifetime value) of users who come from social traffic compared to regular traffic like pop and push.

But no worries, you always have a chance to get higher payouts on any Rewardis offer if your quality rocks and you need more leverage to scale.

Users journey through Rewardis offer


Rewardis is a full featured reward platform with an elaborate system of user engagement, which ensures a high CR. We are constantly working on optimizing the funnel so that the offer converts well.

And how does that look from a user’s perspective, we are about to show you.


Step 1 – Users are presented with an advertisement that comes in the form of a survey. They are asked to participate in it in order to get an opportunity to win a prize (in this case – Samsung Galaxy A53). The time needed for survey completion is outlined, and the first task is to select between two gender options (man or woman).



Step 2 – Users are now to choose between four age groups they belong to (under 18, between 18 and 29, between 30 and 49, or between 50 and 80).


Step 3 – The next question refers to how many household members you have (from one to four).


Step 4 – The survey continues with a question of whether or not you have ever used the device (in this case, the Samsung Galaxy A53).


Step 5 – After users answer the previous question, a window will pop up showing the process of verification. Following, they will be presented with a congratulatory window allowing them to continue their journey that could end up with them receiving a promised prize.

Step 6 – After they press “Continue” users will be offered to choose between 12 gift boxes.


Step 7 – If they pick the wrong one, this window will be shown:


Step 8 – Users still have two opportunities left to possibly get the prize. In case they miss the first time, one of the boxes will remain open, while they can pick another one.


Step 9 – If they pick right the next time, users would be a step closer to winning a prize. A window will pop up explaining there are just two more things they need to do in order to potentially achieve their goal – to register on the Rewardis website and complete the task so they can be included in the drawing process. 

The chances of the user selecting the wrong box the second time are reduced to 0. Don’t worry, the user won’t drop out of the funnel at this stage. However, such game mechanics have a positive impact on user engagement and the likelihood of their successful journey through the funnel, which means conversions for affiliates.


Step 10 – The survey has been completed and now we are waiting for the user to register on the Rewardis platform.


Step 11 – A conversion is counted when a user completes a registration on the platform.

Above is an illustrated description of one of the funnels within the Rewardis offers. But bear in mind that not so long ago, offers with a shorter user path were released.

This is a classic Rewardis funnel, which is available for all affiliates. However, we do have others that are adapted to fit different types of traffic – all in order to maximize the EPCs (earnings-per-click). 

Note: Our team is constantly working on improving the current funnels as well as developing, testing, and launching new ones. Talk to your manager about which funnel will work best for your traffic!

Rewardis offers to take


Right from the moment we launched the first four offers, Rewardis have been growing every month. Just in the first quarter of 2024. we had 18% more conversions than in the last quarter of 2023.

So if you like the prospect of SOI Sweepstakes and Rewardis user flow, and if the payout rates of up to $0,95 per lead sound right to you, pick one of the live Rewardis products and start your campaign:

Register at Zeydoo today and unlock the full potential of traffic monetization across top traffic sources!

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