In-house offer Rewardis – King among Sweepstakes 

Sweepstakes is one of the most popular verticals with less competition than in iGaming or less expensive compared to Crypto. Sweepstakes are ‘white’ verticals that will allow you to scale and earn without fear of getting banned. It’s even more relevant during the holiday season when people become even more interested in winning something.  

Rewardis is probably the best thing you’ll ever find in the world of Sweepstakes. This is an in-house offer developed by Zeydoo that covers such regions as LATAM, Africa and Asia – countries with dense population where scaling should never be a problem.  

Volume growth in the past 6 months 

Right from their launch the four offers of Rewardis have been growing every month. October, for instance, got 10 times more traffic than May and twice as much as September. 

How does Zeydoo get more traffic and why is it profitable for you? 

  • higher rates: up to 0,45$ for a lead
  • high CR: we constantly optimize the funnel so that the offer converts well;
  • ready-made multilingual pre-landers: just start traffic;
  • new offers all the time 

Here are some live Rewardis products you can start working with: 

  1. 12126 Rewardis Multigeo iPhone 14 – here the user can win iPhone 14. 
  2. 10118 Rewardis Multigeo Samsung – a similar offer but with Samsung A53.
  3. 12694 Rewardis Multigeo iPhone 15 Pro – a similar offer that gives away a new iPhone 15 Pro.

There are always new GEOs launched and funnels being optimized so that you can always make more profit. 

Up till the end of December you can get +7% to your profit and win some prizes by taking part in Gear Up. The more traffic you bring, the more profit you get – the bigger the bonus! 

If you haven’t increased traffic to this exclusive Sweepstakes, sign up and start making money.  Register in Zeydoo  and earn more with ‘white’ offers worldwide!

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