Profitable bundle: 65,47% ROI on Cryptomania Offer with Galaksion Popunder

Is Popunder cheap and inefficient traffic? Our media buying team is ready to prove — it’s not! Today, we’ll show you a bundle for sending traffic to a free trading simulator — Cryptomania. 

Our media buyer chose the Galaksion ad network as a traffic source. What’s special about it? Here you can purchase quality traffic directly from the owners of media resources. What’s more, there are a few other advantages that can make Galaksion appealing to our partners. This network offers different payment models (CPA, CPM, and CPC), a wide targeting range, free creatives base, traffic estimator, and other efficient tools for resultative work.

In this case study, a Zeydoo media buyer will share the figures, campaign settings, and testing stats. Spoiler: it converts like crazy!

Offer: 11570 | Crypto Simulator Android
Dates of the campaign: 13/11/2023 – 12/12/2023
Traffic Source: Galaksion
Ad Formats: Popunder; СPM
OS: Android, 5 and higher

Spend: $1787
Revenue: $2957
Profit: $1170
ROI: 65,47%

So that you know…

Our media buyer worked with this Cryptomania offer, but there’s one more Cryptomania offer on the Zeydoo platform. Let’s compare them and see what’s the difference. 

So, our media buyer worked with an offer (11570) that pays out when a user installs and opens the app. While the second one (13649) pays out either for installs or for push subscriptions (CPI and Push Subscription correspondingly). 

The main advantage of the offer 13649: though the offer 11570 has higher rates, 13649 has a higher CR — push subscriptions require a very simple action, and so they happen more often than app installations and activations. As a result, the payout is smaller, but the paid action occurs more frequently. Besides, an affiliate eventually gets more information about the traffic and its ROI for the same purchase. It means that campaign optimization will take less time and effort.

An advantage of the offer 11570: high rates can be its strong point since this offer works well with postback. The choice is yours — just keep in mind that postback sends fewer events to your tracker.

Our advice: both offers have well-configured user funnels that show great results. We recommend running split tests to check which one works better in your particular case and brings more profit with your traffic.

Cryptomania offer: landing pages, GEOs, and spend stats

In this case study, traffic was sent to a landing page where users had to perform only one action — click the “Yes” button. After that, they were redirected to an advertiser’s warming-up landing page, and then, after completing the target action — to the Cryptomania app page. This is how the offer landing page looks:


Here are a few examples of warming-up landing pages to which the users are redirected after they clicked the button on the main landing page:


A typical roulette — by spinning it, one can get a bonus and use it in the Cryptomania app:


These landing pages can vary depending on the targeting settings. Here’s another example of drawing a bonus:


After playing the game and clicking “Continue”, users are redirected to Google Play where they can download the app:


Such additional landing pages can offer bonuses, draw games, success stories and other content for user engagement. The users take part in the suggested activity, and then are transferred to the Cryptomania page. The probability that a warmed-up user will download the app gets higher as now they can use the bonus they won.  

Below you can see the media buying revenue dynamics during the campaign period of activity.

So, with the spend of $1787, our media buyer made a profit of $1170, and his ROI reached 65,47%. 

Here’s his stats from the ad dashboard:


For his first launches, our media buyer set rates that were 20% higher than those recommended by the ad network. However, this decision wasn’t successful. During tests, the rates were decreased by 30–50% of those advised by Galaksion to reach payback.  

Initially, traffic was launched for multiple GEOs. Later on, Brazil (BR) and Argentina (AR) were placed in a separate campaign.

Targeting and setting up a campaign at Galaksion

On the screenshots below, you can see the stats from the Galaksion account. The settings were selected according to manager’s recommendations and based on our own experience with GEOs used for this campaign:


Sending traffic and scaling the campaign

During the test phase, the following GEOs were tested:


All top-GEOs (mostly Tier-3) work perfectly in combination with Android (versions 8–13) and Google Chrome.

Beyond that, our media buyer was gradually forming black/white lists.


If you’d like to see the full b/w list, don’t hesitate to reach out to your manager — we’ll be glad to share!

According to the test results, Brazil (BR) and Argentina (AR) remained the most profiatble GEOs.

Our media buyer decided to follow the same testing strategy for a multi-GEO campaign with the rate –50% from the one suggested by Galaksion, and with the daily spend limit at $20–30. This way, it’s easy to determine the most profitable GEOs, and then – to create separate campaigns for them.

By the way, if you still aren’t registered at Galaksion, now is the time! Follow the link, use our promo code ZEYDOO15 when signing up, and get a 15% bonus on the first deposit (minimum one is 50$). The promo code has no expiration date!

And of course, register at Zeydoo, and try out our super-converting offers!

Want more information on how to gain profit with Cryptomania? Follow this link.


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