Zeydoo Smart Surveys overview in 2024


The Secret of Smart Surveys: The Most Stable CPA Offers in the Market

Are there CPA offers that work out perfectly with almost any traffic type, require minimum testing budget and effort, and bring stable profits for years?

Zeydoo Smart Surveys testimonials

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Yes, there are: meet Smart Surveys by Zeydoo, our in-house offers that celebrate their 3rd birthday this year.

What are Smart Surveys by Zeydoo?

Smart Surveys are CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) offers with a very simple conversion: you receive a payout after a user fills out a short survey on a Social, Finance, Sweepstakes, or iGaming topic. All surveys have a super easy flow, so you can get a conversion in a matter of a minute! 


  1. A user sees your ad. It can be a push notification, a Popunder landing page, a Facebook banner, or whatever else you’d love to try.
  1. The ad redirects a user to the offer’s landing page: a ready creative you receive when getting a survey tracking link in your Zeydoo account.
  1. This offer’s landing page is a survey: a user must answer a couple of simple questions, for example: 
Zeydoo Smart Surveys landing page example

4. After a user completes the survey, you hit the conversion.


All the Smart Surveys work upon the Hybrid payout model. This means that we pay a particular fixed rate that depends on a picked GEO until you reach a certain daily GEO limit. As soon as it happens, you begin to earn using the RevShare model, so your fixed rates become dynamic.

In short, this model allows you to scale your campaigns with no limits and no need to stop your traffic when reaching a daily cap.

Where to find?

To try out one, go to your Zeydoo account and pick one of the Survey offers from the list of Verticals. At the moment, there are approximately 20 options.

What are the benefits of Smart Surveys?

The best thing about Smart Surveys is that they don’t require extensive experience or large budgets. The testing can begin at around $5 per day.

Besides, these offers are very stable: having existed for more than three years, they keep converting as perfectly as they did before and don’t seem to show even a sign of fading. The secret is simple: plenty of Zeydoo teams have been constantly working on Smart Surveys since their first appearance on the market. The project involves developers, optimization specialists, analysts, and sales professionals –– and also implies close cooperation with customers and their feedback on the offers.

However, that’s not all about the advantages, and here is the full list:

  • Simple conversion flow. You don’t need to invent sophisticated funnels: testing and scaling are easy! This leads to higher CR and good profits, although payouts are lower than for offers with complicated flows.
  • High payouts. First, Smart Surveys are our exclusive in-house offers. This automatically means higher payouts than with third-party offer owners. Besides, our Smart Survey offers extra monetization that also allows us to increase CPA rates. Finally, payouts may vary from GEO to GEO, but don’t forget about the special terms you might get after speaking to your personal manager. We can offer 5X-10X rate bumps for high-quality traffic so that you can scale faster and more easily.
  • No caps. Thanks to the Hybrid capping payout model, you don’t need to stop your campaign when you reach a certain cap. After you are done with your test cap and we confirm your traffic quality is acceptable for us, you can scale with no limits. It means you can generate enormous profits with Smart Surveys, bound down only by your traffic source limitations.

  • Fast quality feedback. Again, thanks to Smart Surveys being an in-house offer of Zeydoo, our managers will give you very quick feedback on your traffic. We can check all the metrics of your campaigns, and this allows you to give almost instant recommendations on how you can optimize them. For example, we can give advice on white- and blacklists, extra targeting that will help you scale, etc.
  • Quick and cheap testing. Thanks to CPL’s nature and the high CR of the offers, you can see if your campaign works very quickly. That’s why you don’t spend large budgets on testing. Here is what Serge, the Media Buying Team Lead, says:

Most media buyers agree that the testing budget should include three conversion prices: for example, if an offer has a $20 payout, you spend $60 on tests. If there are no conversions after this budget is over, the campaign is stopped. Payouts for Smart Surveys begin from $0,01: imagine how cheap the testing will be. While it won’t be exactly $0,03, of course, as traffic is more expensive, you can easily begin with about $5-$10. 

  • Easy to scale. Once the testing is over, you can easily increase your budget, buy more traffic, and boost your profit without any limits.
  • Ready creatives. All Smart Surveys come with the ready landing pages. That’s pretty logical, as these pages actually contain the surveys. However, we don’t just give you some random creatives with a couple of questions; instead, we are in the constant process of testing and updating these landing pages to keep them converting.
  • They are global! Smart Surveys work worldwide, so you can purchase traffic from any GEO you love to work with or pick from the top GEOs of the week. 
  • Most traffic sources are accepted. We accept almost all sorts of traffic: you are free to choose all the sources you like. Some exceptions are, of course, fraud, motivated (incentive), proxy, bot, and misleading traffic – because who wants low quality? Anyways, you can always find the full list of offer restrictions on the Survey offer page inside your Zeydoo account.

How to Run Smart Surveys: Media Buying Team Tips

As we already mentioned, there is no rocket science in running Smart Surveys thanks to their simple funnel. Here is what our media buyers recommend:

  1. Check the top GEOs we post weekly on the Afflift forum: Zeydoo Smart Surveys thread and Telegram channel.
  2. Our experience shows that the best traffic for Smart Surveys is Push and Popunder. Facebook traffic is also very welcome, and it works perfectly: here is proof of how our partner earned more than $23k with Facebook. However, every source is worth testing and trying!
  3. If you want, you can add something to your funnel: for example, a pre-lander. However, it is unnecessary, and some of our partners say that direct linking to a survey works even better.
  4. Don’t know which offer to pick? Here is a list of the evergreen Smart Surveys that always convert like there’s no tomorrow:

2025 Finance Survey (Android) – CPL
2058 Betting Survey – CPL
2061 Social Network Survey – CPL 
2755 Sweeps Survey (Android) – CPL

How Much Can I Earn?

As Smart Surveys are easy to scale, there is actually no limit. To give you an idea of real revenues, we collected some case studies from our partners.

  1. Social Survey for Brazil and Africa, stats for two months:
Smart Survey Case Study

Read the full case study

2. 23k in 2 months with various types of Smart Surveys and Facebook traffic:

Smart Survey Case Study with Facebook

Read the full case study

3. Not some extraordinary profit, but ‘it is the first time since I do affiliate marketing, and my tracker looks so green’:

Case Study with Smart Surveys from Afflift

Read the full case study

Have a nice Survey case study, too? Don’t hesitate to share with us; we are ready to grant you a bonus! In this Telegram post, we shared all the terms.

To Sum Up

Smart Surveys are one of the easiest options to earn with CPA offers. Our team is constantly testing and updating them so they remain actual and profitable even after three years of the first launch.

You are welcome to try out Smart Surveys right now:

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